President Message

Unity and challenge

Esteemed visitors, dear friends in Taekwondo,
welcome to the website of World Children Taekwondo Union (World CTU).

Today, Taekwondo is a sport for children: If we look at dojangs worldwide, about 90 Percent of the practitioners are kids. This is a good thing, as the values of Taekwondo are a perfect education four our youth.

Therefore it is the aim of World CTU to support masters and parents to make the best use of the values and the health benefits of Taekwondo for children.

An important aspect of Taekwondo education is respect – respect for parents, masters, for other children and other people in general. Children who learn to respect and value their fellow men, regardless of age, race, gender, culture, religion, abilities, orientation or social status, will grow up as good citizens and help to build a more peaceful and just world.

Children who train Taekwondo the right way will be healthy in body  and in spirit. They learn discipline as well as self-discipline. They experience team spirit and how to take responsibility. Their self-esteem is strengthened. In short, Taekwondo helps children to grow up into good, happy and successful citizens and people.

It is the duty and pleasure of World CTU to assist this development, to bring together masters and organizations from all over the world who work for the good of children, to provide them with teaching materials, with expertise, to offer them events, and to serve them in every possible way – always true to our motto “Harmony, Unity and Service”.

Yours in Taekwondo
Prof. Dr. Soo-Nam Park
World Children Taekwondo Union